Where to stay in Fredvang

There are many interesting places to stay during your visit here in Fredvang. Perhaps you'd like to have a quayside apartment? Or stay in a cabin high up in the mountains? Or would love to have a place for your camper or tent in view of the midnight sun? Live in a real museum house? Or would you rather like to stay in the home of one of the friendly villagers?

As for any accommodation on the Lofoten Islands — book as early as you can to ensure that you get a room.

Fredvanghytta cabin

Staying in a cabin 270 m above sea level is an unforgettable experience, with a truly stunning view stretching from Vesterålen in the North to Bodø in the South.

40 minutes walk up from the village
You have the whole cottage to your disposal
2 four bed bedrooms
Open loft with 6-8 berths
Off the grid: no electricity, but gas stove and wood burning heater

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The Charly House at the Lofoten Peat Museum

A unique place to live in the Lofoten: A real museum, built up as a historic farm for a Lofoten fishing family a 100 years ago.

There are two bedrooms upstairs in the house with 6 beds and room for more if required. Downstairs there is a kitchen and sitting room. In the sitting room there is a wood stove used to heat the house. There is no electricity. There is running water in the house, but no hot water. The kitchen is fully equipped, including gas for cooking. The Charly House is about 150 metres from the main road. There is a toilet 50 metres from the house.

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Inn Lydersen Rorbuer & Sjøhus
Placed on the quay down in Fredvang harbour, a room at Lydersen's give you peace, quiet and wonderful views over the sea and mountains.

  • Private bathrooms with rooms
  • Free wifi
  • Free public parking
  • Pets allowed (on request)
  • Bicycles / small boats for rent
  • Airport shuttle service on request (additional charge)
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Fredvang strand- og skjærgårdscamping
Camping site by the Yttersand beach, with a wonderful midnight sun view.
  • Idyllic location with space for 150 units.
  • Drainage station for campers and caravans.
  • Electric power outlet for campers and caravans.
  • Toilet, shower and possibilities for laundry.
  • Kiosk and TV room with satellite dish.
  • Boats and outboards for rent.
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Staying in a private home
It is always interesting to stay in a private home when you are out travelling, giving you a very special opportunity to get to know the villagers and how life is here in Fredvang.

A lot of the villagers now offer rooms, apartments or whole houses on airbnb — just click the link below to check out what is available.

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