What to do in Fredvang

Lofoten peat museum

The traditional life on the Lofoten Islands were that of the fisherman-farmer, combining fishing on the rich ocean around the islands and further north, with running a small farm. Often it was the wife that was the farmer — and family caretaker — while the husband was out on the perilous ocean. As the islands have very few trees, the traditional way to heat the small farmhouses was by burning peat, collected up on the mountain and brought down on wire. The Lofoten Peat Museum is dedicated to showing this history and this old way of life on the islands.

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Bird watching

The Lofoten Islands is well known for their rich and diverse bird life. The combination of ocean and mountains in near proximity give you a rare chance to see both mountain and seaside birds in the same area. Here in Fredvang you can for example spot eagles, hawks, ravens and grouse on your mountain walks, and afterwards see a multitude of seaside birds on islets, on the shoreline and the beaches. The wetlands and beach at Ytresand have an especially rich birdlife and is very well worth a visit.


The fish rich waters around the islands is the reason people have been living here for thousands of years. So if you love fishing, you'll love staying in Fredvang. It is possible to fish from land, to rent a small boat, or to join a fisherman on his fishing boat to really get out on the ocean to try to catch the big fish. Please check with your host and with the tourist information for updated information.

Hiking in the mountains

The reason most people visit us, is to walk in our spectacular mountain landscape – and rightly so, we think. Some visitors are surprised to find no paved walking roads and no inns along the way. But that is just what we Norwegians like, to get close to undisturbed nature. So walking here is a bit more strenuous than in other countries, but very rewarding. All hiking is on your own risk, so take care and do not go close to cliff edges or other dangerous parts. Many villagers also have hiking as their main hobby and exercise, with a popular summer project is the 10-på-topp, where you walk to the top of ten different peaks. How many can you reach during your Lofoten visit?

What to do in Fredvang

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