Ryten and Kvalvika

map pdfThe most spectacular of the three main Fredvang walks, the Fredvang Mountain Walk takes you up to the 543 meter high Ryten Mountain, with stunning views along the way. Continue down to the world famous Kvalvika Beach to connect to the Kvalvika walk.

  • Fredvang parking - Fredvanghytta cabin: 3 km
  • Fredvang parking - Ryten: 4,7 km
  • Fredvang parking - Kvalvika Beach 4,5 km

Start your walk from the Fredvang main parking at the old Fredvang School, taking you along the village road. Just after the yellow village hall, the path leaves the road on the left hand side and crosses the meadows in towards the mountains. Joining the "Kjerringløypa" (Crone's Walk) around the mountain Børa, the walk starts to ascend up the old cart track towards the Einangen pass, all the time giving excellent views northwards towards the farms, the Ytresand beach — and the ocean.

Reaching the top of the Einangen pass you will see the two small Einangen Lakes, and a glimpse of the view southwards down the Kåkern strait towards the mainland. Follow the path to the right, just before the first lake. Here you'll soon get a short stretch with a rather steep ascent, rewarding you with spectacular views over the ocean towards the other Lofoten Islands and the Vesterålen Islands further north. The path soon flattens out, and undulates softly between the mountains, looking down the Tverrdalen Valley to Torsfjorden and the southern mountains of the island. In clear weather you can see all the way to the mountains on the mainland, and perhaps even catch a glimpse of the Svartisen glacier.

The path leaves the Tverrdalen Valley, and curves rightwards towards the Ryten Mountain. Here you will soon see the sign to the Fredvanghytta cabin, about 200 meters to the right off the main road. The views from the cabin are very good, and is worth the short detour. It is possible to rent the cabin for overnight stay.

Back on the main path, you will soon see the Ryten Mountain sloping up in front. Just before the ascent onto the mountain, the path down to the Kvalvika beach branches off to the left (about 1 km). Continue straight ahead, and follow the path as it turns to the left, taking you nearer to the side of the mountain and spectacular views over the ocean and down to the Kvalvika and Vestervika beaches.

The path, following the edge of the mountain, climbs slowly up the Ryten Mountain, with the views expanding in all directions as you ascend.

Finally reaching the top (543 m, 1780 Ft) you are rewarded by truly stunning views, towards the Fuglehuk Mountain to the North, the peaks of Flakstadøy to the East, and the rugged mountains of Moskenesøya to the South. A cairn marks the very top of the mountain.

Returning down the path the way you came, down to the junction with sign to Kvalvika, it is possible walk along the Forsvatnet Lake and down to the Kvalvika Beach.


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