Mulstøa coastal path

walkingmapmulstoaLofoten is defined by the meeting between the ocean and the mountains. Enjoy an easy walk between cliffs and shore, along the coastline out to the abandoned settlement at Mulstøa, on the very northernmost part of our island.

Fredvang parking - Ytresand P: 2,5 km
Ytresand parking - Mulstøa: 2 km

molstoawalkThe walk starts from the Fredvang main parking at the old Fredvang School, and take you along the village road through the farming village. When you pass Mevold, you will get the wetlands along the winding Sandelva River on your right hand side, well known for their rich birdlife. Turn right at the crossing, and continue along the wetlands to the small parking lot at Ytresand, with a spectacular view over the Ytresand beach.

For a shorter walk, you may park at the Ytresand parking, but please note that this is very small, and quickly filled with cars.

Following the signs for Mulstøa, you enter the coastal path towards the northernmost side of the island. The path takes you up on the hillside, giving spectacular views over the Ytresand beach towards the jagged peaks of the Flakstadøya Island. Passing two small abandoned quarries (do not enter), the path takes you along the mountain side until you reach an old road construction. This was built by hand as part of a public works program, but abandoned before it was finished, as it was no longer needed.

Continue to walk northwards along the road. If you're lucky, you may spot several sea eagles circling above the mountains on the left, or in the ocean on your right you may see a seal popping its round head up from the waves, following you with curious eyes. What you certainly will see, is sheep — and sheep droppings! The Lofoten Islands are well known for their excellent mutton and wool products. The hardy Lofoten sheep fend for themselves through the summer months, grazing high up in the mountains sides, or on the saltier grass down by the shore.

The path goes along the old road for about 600 meter, until the construction works end. The last 500 meters the path goes over shortly nibbled meadows, and around small inlets until you reach your destination: the small bay of Mulstøa. Here there used to be a fisherman's farm, built in the late 1860s, but abandoned in the late 1930s. From the small white beach you can enjoy spectacular views northwards of the ocean and the Lofoten Mountains.


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