Kvalvika path

map pdfKvalvika beach is one of the most famous sights in the whole of Lofoten, and well worth a visit. The most spectacular route is to walk there from the Fredvang main parking, following the Fredvang Mountains Walk, but it is also possible to start at the smaller Torsfjord parking, where a shorter path begins.

The longer route is described under Fredvang Mountain Walk, the shorter is like this: From the Torsfjorden parking, a sign points you to the right up the stone stairs. After taking you through a small forest, the path follows the valley between the Torsfjordtind on the right and the larger and steeper Moltind on the left.

As you follow the path up the valley along the Torsfjordtind Mountain, the view behind you towards the fjord of Torsfjorden and the island's southern mountains grows more spectacular as you ascend, until you reach the top of the mountain pass.

Reaching the top of the pass Skåren (180 m, 590 Ft), you finally get your first glimpse down into the Kvalvika bay with its famous beach.

Starting the descent to the beach, the path now goes through a rocky part (about 400 meters) with large boulders. Walk carefully and slowly, and it will be no problem, but take extra care if it is wet or cold — the stones may get slippery. Reaching the bottom, and crossing a slope of grass, closely nibbled by the sheep, you are finally down on the Kvalvika beach itself.

Earlier there were small farmsteads here, where two families lived here until the end of the 1930s. You can still see some house foundations in the grass. The beach, opening to the Norwegian sea, is not usable as a harbour, so the fishermen living here instead walked over the mountain to Torsfjorden to fish on the calmer Vestfjorden between Lofoten and the mainland.

From the beach you can alternatively follow the path to the right up towards the Ryten Mountain, connecting to the Fredvang Mountain Walk and back to the Fredvang main parking.


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