Walking in the mountains

The Lofoten archipelago is world renowned for its unique landscape, with a range of cliffy mountains raging up from the cold Norwegian sea. Here in Fredvang, on the northernmost part of the Moskenesøy island, the mountains are some of the oldest on the planet. On the outer, northwestern side of the island the mountains end in steep cliffs, dropping several hundreds meters into the sea, but on the inner side most have a softer incline, making for easy walking.
The Fredvang mountains are famous for their beautiful walks, and all the year round we receive visitors from all over the world that would like to experience the landscape themselves. To make the mountains more accessible to our visitors, the Village Council has chosen three main walks that we recommend, all three accessible from the Fredvang main parking by the old village school. The people of the village are now working on making these paths better, adjusting tracks, laying out wooden walking paths across the wettest areas and putting up signage and information boards, to make your Fredvang visit an even better experience. The three walks is:
  1. The spectacular Fredvang Mountains Walk, crossing the island from Fredvang to the Ryten mountain and on to the Kvalvika beach.
  2. The short and easy coastal walk to the Mulstøa beach
  3. The Torsfjord-Kvalvika walk

You can read more about each walk and download walking maps by clicking on the links - happy walking!


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